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Venezuelan Artists

Armando Lira - Landscape: Oil painting

In his first expressionist stage his work is doughy and without luminosity. After 1948 he changed his style influenced by the Circulo de Bellas Artes Painters, being interested for light and a local and pictures queue motivation, (rural and urban landscapes, still life).

Armando Reverón - Painting

Painter. Born in Caracas on May 10 of 1889. He died in Caracas on September 18 of 1954. He studied in “Academia de Bellas Artes” in 1908, he was a student of two celebrity venezuelan painters: Emilio Mauri y Herrera Toro.

Asdrúbal Colmenárez - Painting

Painter and mixed media artist. He studied at the Trujillo's Athenaeum Fine Art Workshop (1960-1963). In 1968 he moves to Paris, where he receives a scholarship from the French government (1970) and continues to study art criticism with Frank Popper.

Bárbaro Rivas - Painting

Born in the town of Petare, in the state of Miranda, in 1893. An illeterate and self-taught person. He is considering one of the greatest Venezuelan Master Artist.

Braulio Salazar - Painting

After a figurative stage of social type, within which he executed several murals for buildings of Valencia, from 1960 Salazar he orients his searches towards a Landscape solved with a colorful impressionist invoice of sober.

Carlos Cruz-Diez - Kinetic sculpture

Franco-Venezuelan artist, Carlos Cruz-Diez (Caracas, 1923) lives and works in Paris since 1960. He is one of the most important protagonists of optical and kinetic art, an artistic current that claims "awareness of the instability of the real"

Carlos Medina - Monumentas sculpture

Carlos Medina is a multifaceted Abstract and Constructivist artist; mostly known for his sculptural works in metal, wood and stone.

Carlos Prada - Bronze sculpture

Sculpture. Born in Cumaná, Sucre State in 1944. Between 1958 and 1962 he made the pure art course at the Escuela de Artes Plásticas y Aplicadas Cristobal Rojas.

Carlos Rivero Sanabria - Painting: Still life

Rivero Sanabria, born in Caracas in 1864. In 1887 he travels to Europe: in Germany he receives classes of painter Edwin Oehme, in the Academy of Desdre; later he travels to Paris, where he attends next to Arturo Michelena and Cristóbal Rojas the classes of Jean Paul Laurens, dedicating itself to the study of the human figure.

Carlos Zerpa - Oil painting

Painter & mixed media artist. He studied at the Instituto Politécnico de Milán (1974-1976), the Escuela de Arte Cova de Milán (1976-1977) and the Instituto de Expresión Colombiano (1977).

Carmelo Niño - Painting

Painter. Son of the musician José Niño. He started studies at the Neptalí Rincón de Maracaibo School of Plastic Arts. He obtained a state scholarship at the San Fernando Academy. During that time he participated in free workshops and came into contact with classics that have marked his production.

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