Venezuelan Masters

Carlos Otero

Parque del Este

Oil on canvas
18x15 in
Listed in the book of Otero page 187

Carlos Otero

(1886 – 1977)

Venezuelan painter. In 1897 he was enrolled in the Academia de Bellas Artes (Fine Arts Academy), pupil of artists Vicente Gil & Emilio J. Mauri, winning in 1906 the Academy's Painting Award. He moves to Argentina in 1911, working as a caricaturist; later on he moves throughout Europe in 1912, residing in Paris, where one of his pieces awarded him an admission into the French Artists' Hall. Influenced by the impressionist movement, Otero paints nature scenaries; of note are his works based on the Sena River. He travels to Italy in 1921, where he obtains an honarary diploma thanks to his participation in a National Exhibit at Livorno. In 1925 Otero returns to Caracas, participating at an exhibit at Academia de Bellas Artes, of which he was named director in 1927. In 1937 he is appointed director of Museo de Bellas Artes (Fine Arts Museum), reprising his role in 1947 intermittently until 1956, year in which he retires. In 1975 he is awarded at Miraflores (Venezuelan House of Government) by then President Carlos Andrés Pérez with the Premio Nacional de Artes Plásticas (Plastic Arts National Award).

Selection of Individual Exhibits

1922 - Club Venezuela, Caracas.
1925 - Academia de Bellas Artes.
1931 - Ateneo de Caracas.
1938 - Casa-Museo General José Antonio Páez, Valencia, Carabobo.
1948 - Unión Panamericana, Washington.
1949 - Club del Comercio, Maracaibo.
1961 - Instituto de Cultura Hispánica, Madrid.
1962 - Galería Acquavella, Caracas.
1967 - Instituto de Cultura Hispánica, Madrid.
1968 - Sala Mendoza.
1970 - "Retrospectiva", Galería Li, Caracas.
1971 - Club Internacional de Prensa, Madrid.
1972 - Galería Li, Caracas.
1973 - Galería Li, Caracas.
1974 - Galería Li, Caracas.
1975 - "Exposición homenaje", Gobernación del Distrito Federal, Caracas.

Selection of Awards Received

1905 - Premio de Pintura, Academia de Bellas Artes.
1906 - Premio de Pintura, Academia de Bellas Artes.
1921 - Honarary Diploma, "National Exhibit", Benci School, Livorno, Italia.
1930 - Golden Medal, "International Exhibit", Lieja, Bélgica.
1974 - Premio Nacional de Artes Plásticas, Caracas.

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