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Nicolás Piquer

Es una negra

Oil on canvas

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Nicholas Piquer
He was born on September 24, 1930 in Caracas, Venezuela studied at the School of Visual Arts and Applied Arts under the guidance of Marcos and Rafael Castillo Ramon Gonzalez between 1948 1955. Upon graduation he traveled to Europe and settled in Florence to take courses in restoration and art history. Since returning lives in Caracas. In 1982 he returned to Europe to present their work in Spain. Cultivate a figurative painting that moves around the scenes and characters of color that characterize the region of Barlovento, a town located in Miranda State, Venezuela. In this sense the painter said Armando Lira: "Nicolas is an extraordinary artist Piquer observer. Has managed to give their precise features figures, psychology and grace of the people of Barlovento. This artist was found in the topography of the land, in the spirit of those men, women and children, the central motif of his paintings. That landscape with its bright colors, these human figures with their rhythms and modulations in the walk, are the ingredients and essence of the painting that feels deep this realist.

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