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Latin American Masters: Roberto Matta


Astromeria Parroquet

Oil on paper on canvas
Archived in Matta’s works catalog 94/29
Isidoro Rubenstein Collection, Durban Gallery (Cesar Segnini)
Exhibited at Museums and galleries by the artist
Certified Archives of L'Ceuvre De Matta

Roberto Matta
Been born in Santiago of Chile. It completed his studies in the Catholic University in 1931. It traveled to Paris in 1933 and it worked as assistant in the study of Him Corbusier. Soon it traveled to Italy, Russia and Spain, to return to Paris, where it knew Dalí, Breton and to other surrealists, just a short time later participated again in Paris in a collective exhibition of this movement. When exploding World War II, travels to New York and lives in this City until 1948. During his stay Matta exposed regularly in different galleries, being appraised in its work of this period, influence of North American artists. Between 1950 and 1954 it lives in Italy, and later it is transferred to Paris, where it exposes frequently. Their early works Psychological Morphology and the Inscape series were organic in style and content. After 1944, its work was influenced by the glasswork of Duchamp. The titles of their works were frequently games of words. It has participated in several collective exhibitions and in 1985 the center the Georges Pompidou presented/displayed great a retrospective one of its work.

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