Balice is the answer to the art collector needs: we are professionals capable of satisfying a demanding client while providing competitive prices. By going online we expect to provide a simple yet very effective means for you to evaluate the works available for purchase and contact us if you own artwork for sale. Do you need assistance to create or consolidate your art collection? Would you like to have more information on a particular artist such as his or her resume, major exhibitions? We are here to help!

We have built a presence that allows us not only to sell art but to locate particular artworks for our clients, both by Venezuelan and Latinamerican artists. We have works by major XX century Venezuelan and Latinamerican masters as well as contemporary masters and emerging artists. In order to provide our clients wide access to what the Latinamerican art market has to offer we are also in contact with auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

Our vision of the art business and our passion for art have positioned us as a leading presence in the field. Now, in addition to our catalog, you may also choose to browse a selection of available works online.

Should you like to talk about your needs and projects, please e-mail us.