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Venezuelan Masters: Ángel Hurtado

Quirología Quirología Quirología


Oil on canvas
31.5 x 15.7 in.
Paris 1959
Digital certificate by the artist
Signature & date on the lower-right corner; signature on verso

Ángel Hurtado
Born on the 27th of October, 1927, at his house located at ‘Calle Fraternidad’ (Fraternity St.) in Tocuyo, Lara, Venezuela. He was a student of Pedro Ángel González, Mateo Manaure and Rafael Monasterios, as well as a friend of Armando Reverón, a fact that is publicly known thanks to several photographs taken by the artist. Notwithstanding, by 1952 he begins his work at the ‘Cine’ (Cinema), with several pictures of Reverón and his workshop. He has also been responsible for the creation of several movies as well as documentaries. He has gotten to know a great calibre of artists, writers and directors of a renowned artistic trajectory: Magnelli, Picasso, Herbin, Lam, Jorge Luis Borges, Vasarely, Matta, Man Ray, Soulages, Saura, Cárdenas, Piaubert, Sofía Imber, Oswaldo Vigas, Carlos Cruz Diez and Douglas Fairbanks, among others. His first film is presented in Paris: ‘Vibrations’, dedicated to the kinetic works of Jesús Soto, of whom he develops one the most comprehensive cinematographic bodies of work ever made about the artist. Thanks to his work as an artist and filmmaker, master Ángel Hurtado has obtained numerous awards and recognitions, including: ‘Premio Nacional de Pintura’ (National Painting Prize), ‘Diploma de Reconocimiento de la OEA’ (Diploma of Recognition by the OAS), ‘Condecoración Francisco Esteban Gómez en su Primera Clase’ (Francisco Esteban Gómez Medal, First Class), ‘Medalla Pedro Ángel González’ (Pedro Ángel González Medal), and so on. He currently resides in Margarita, Venezuela. On October of 2007, in order to celebrate his 80th birthday and his 65 years as a painter, a retrospective exhibition took place at the ‘Centro Cultural CORP-BANCA’ (CORP-BANCA Cultural Center) in Caracas, where a documentary was projected about his life and work made by Carlos Jugador, for the educational TV channel ‘Vale TV’.

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