Represented Artists: Carlos Medina


Estudio para Tres Cuadrados

Suite Mara
MDF, PVC, white 'acrovinílica' & steel rod
20.5 x 20.25 x 4 in

Carlos Medina
He was born in Barquisimeto Venezuela, 1953.

Individual Exhibitions
1975 Annexed Room MACCSI, Caracas. 1979 Galleries Van Vlaenderens and Luka Boechou, Belgium. 1984 Museum of Beautiful Arts, Caracas. 1985 Museum of Barquisimeto. Museum of Contemporary Art Francisco Narváez, Porlamar. 1986 Center of Beautiful Arts, Maracaibo. 1987 Museum Art Modern Jesus Grove, City Bolivar. 1990 MACCSI, Caracas. 1993 Gallery Lozada, Valencia. 1994 Gallery Namia Mondolfi, Caracas.

Collective Exhibitions
1975 IV National Hall Young Artists, Caracas. Test center of Visual Arts, Maracaibo. XXXIII National hall Arturo Michelena, Valencia. 1976 III Hall Nac. De Escultura, small format, Valencia. XXXIV National Hall Arturo Michelena, Valencia. II Hall Art Fondene, Porlamar. 1977 national Hall Young Artists, MACCSI, Caracas. 1978 Biennial Young Artists, Viareggio, Italy. Exhibition The International. Carrara Italy. 1979 Gallery Van Vlaenderens, Gante, Belgium. 1980 Exhibition in Real Villa, Ostende, Belgium. Galleries Apple, Zwarte Panter, Maeyaert, Belgium. 1981 Hall the Independent ones, Paris France. I Hall Young Artists MACCSI, Caracas. Daisy sculpture MACFN, Porlamar. V Biennial Int. Peq. Sculpture, Budapest, Hungary. 1982 Gallery Maeyaert, Ostende, Belgium. I Biennial of Sculpture MACFN, Porlamar. 1983 Biennial of Visual arts, MACCSI, Caracas. 1984 One hundred Works of the Collection MACCSI, Caracas. 1985 Hall Aragua, Museum Modern Art, Maracay. Sculpture 85, Fundarte, Caracas. XLIII National Hall Arturo Michelena, Valencia. III National Hall Young Artists MACCSI Caracas. 1986 Of Talla Assembly Museum of Beautiful Arts, Caracas. I Biennial of East, Athenian de Cumaná. XVIV National Hall Arturo Michelena, Valencia. III Biennial of Sculpture, MACFN Porlamar. 1987 Is Biennial Guayana Art. Museum Grove City Bolivar. 1988 Venezuelan Plastic Protagonist, Barquisimeto Museum. XLVI National Hall Arturo Michelena, Valencia. National Hall Plastic Arts, M. Bellas Arts, Caracas. National biennial of Sculpture, MACFN, Porlamar. The imagination of the transparency, MBA Caracas. 1989 special Guest MACFN, Porlamar. XLVII National Hall Arts Arturo Michelena, Valencia. 1990 Room Mendoza, Caracas. Gallery of Art Ascaso Valencia. 80 Panoramas Visual Arts in Vzla, GAN, Caracas. I National Biennial of Modern Art, Mérida V National Biennial Sculpture MACFN, Porlamar. 1991 XLIX National Hall Arts Arturo Michelena, Valencia. III National Biennial of Art of Guayana. Museum of Art Modern Jesus Grove, City Bolivar. Three-dimensional works, III Biennial Art of Guayana. Museum Visual Arts Alexander Knoll, Caracas. Gallery Lozano & Lozada, Valencia. 1992 National XLX Arturo Michelena, Valencia. I national Biennial Visual arts, Barquisimeto Museum. VII National Hall Aragua. Museum of Maracay Art. I Latin American Symposium Escultores, Santiago Chile. Gallery Art Ascaso, Valencia. 1993 One Decade in 5 Biennials of Sculpture, Pto. The Cross. The 17 of the Michelena, Room CANTV Caracas. New Beautiful Acquisitions, Museum Arts, Maracay. 1994 FIA 94. Gallery Namia Mondolfi, Caracas. Nac. factory Of the Aesthetic one of the Steel Sidor, Pto. Ordaz. II Biennial Sculpture MACFN, Porlamar. 1995 Exp. Sculptures peq. Format, Culiacán, Mexico. 1996 Exp. Sculptures peq. Format, Alajuela, Costa Rica. Exp. Sculptures peq. Format, Valdivia, Chile. 1998 Exp. The International Sculpture, Zacatecas, Mexico. 1999 Exp. The aesthetic one of the Steel, Museum of Art Modern Jesus Grove, City Bolivar. 2000 Exp. Urban Landscape, MACCSI, Caracas. 2001 Exp. Urban Landscape, Museum of Art, Choir.

Monumental Works
1980 Column for Ostende, Belgium. 1982 'Círculo spaced, Yugoslavia. 1987 Obra for Meter of Caracas, Caricuao Station. 1992 'Columna for Chilé, Santiago of Chile. 1995 Monument in Culiacán, Mexico. Monument to the Decentralization, Port Hair. 1996 'Columna for Valdiviá, Chile. 1997 'Círculos Espaciales', Barquisimeto. 'Hoja Badan', Barquisimeto. 1998 'Columna for Zacatecas', Mexico. 'Monumento to the Sisal', Barquisimeto. 'Columna constructivá, Barquisimeto.

1975 Prize sculpture IV hall Nac. Jóv. Artists, Caracas. 1976 Prize Sculpture. II Hall Art Fondene, Caracas. 1978 Prize Painting. I Biennial Int. Jóv. Art., Viareggio, Italy. Prize City of carrara, Italy. 1981 Prize Acquisition, Hall Nac. Jóv. Artists, Caracas. 1982 Prize Legislative Assembly Biennial Sculpture, Porlamar. 1984 Prize AICA, Venezuela Chapter. 1986 Prize Sculpture XLIV, Arturo Michelena, valence. Prize V Biennial Art of Guayana, MACJS, C. Boli'var. 1987 Prize University of Carabobo. Prize Sculpture XLV, Arturo Michelena. 1991 Prize GAN, V Biennial of Sculpture, Porlamar. 1992 Prize Sculpture, Aragua Hall, Museum Maracay Art. Prize Sculpture XLX Arturo Michelena, valence. 1993 Prize of the Escultores. I Conc. America. Sculpture, Argentina. Prize Arturo Michelena 51, Valencia.

International Symposiums of Sculpture
1980 Symposium The International Sculpture Ostende, Belgium. 1981 Symposium The International Pretty Sculpture Brunn, Austria. 1982 Symposium The International Sculpture Forms Lives, Yugoslavia. 1992 Is Latin American Symposium Sculpture, Santiago of Chile. 1993 Is Conc. Americ. Escultores Chaco, Argentina. 1994 II The Triennial International Escultores, Chaco, Argentina. 1995 Is Symposium The International Sculpture Steel, Culiacán, Mexico. 1996 Is Symposium The International Sculpture Wood, Costa Rica. I Symposium The International Sculpture Wood, Chile. 1998 Is Symposium The International Sculpture Stone, Zacatecas.

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