Venezuelan Masters: Daniel Sanseviero

Fragmentados en Verde Fragmentados en Verde Fragmentados en Verde

Fragmentados en Verde

Wall-mounted mural artwork; cut, painted metal (2 fragments)
Variable measurements; aprox. 21.3 x 14.6 in. each fragment
Original artwork
Certificate of authenticity by Daniel Sanseviero
Signature & date on verso
Provenance: acquired from the artist

Daniel Sanseviero
Born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1978. Licensed in Design-Business Administration.

Collective exhibits
2016 - Participation in the South Hampton Art Fair, New York, with the ARDT Art Gallery, USA. Participation in ARTMADRID - Marita Segovia Art Gallery (Galería de Arte Marita Segovia), Madrid, Spain. Exhibit in honor of the 25th anniversary of Open Museum for the World (Museo Abierto para el Mundo) - Il Ramo di Oro Gallery (Galería Il Ramo di Oro), Naples, Italy. Expo Houston Group: displayed in Heights Art Studios & Gallery, Houston, Texas, USA. "Opening Roads" ("Abriendo Caminos") Portuguese Center exhibit - Innovative Art Gallery (Galería de Arte Innovador), Caracas, Venezuela.

2014 - Participation in the contemporary art fair FLECHA, Madrid, Spain. Participation in the London art fair Affordable ARTFAIR - Marita Segovia Gallery (Galería Marita Segovia), London, UK.

2013 - Alumni collective at the Juan Naranjo Study (Estudio Juan Naranjo), 'Espacio Ciento y Pico', Madrid, Spain. IV 'Los Molinos' Painting Contest (IV Certamen de Pintura Los Molinos), Madrid, Spain. Montsequi Gallery Encounters (Encuentros Galería Montsequi), Madrid, Spain. Sargent Gallery (Galería Sargent) Collective, Madrid, Spain. Art Square (Arte al Cuadrado) Collective, Caracas, Venezuela. I International Postal Art Exhibit (Exposición internacional de Arte Postal) in Bellas Artes, Granada, Spain.

2012 - Arauco Academy (Academia Arauco) Alumni Collective, Madrid, Spain. Marita Segovia Gallery (Galería Marita Segovia) Collective, Madrid, Spain. National Art Gallery Passage Hall (Salón del Pasaje Galería de Arte Nacional), Caracas, Venezuela.

1997 - 2011 - Participation in over 25 biennials and collectives.

Individual exhibits
2015 - GUM Gallery, Wynwood, Miami, Florida, USA.

2014 - 'SINCRONÍA' Art Fair, Bogotá, Colombia.

2010 - La Vela Commercial Center (Centro Comercial La Vela), Porlamar, Margarita, Venezuela.

2008 - El Hatillo Promenade Commercial Center (Centro Comercial Paseo El Hatillo), 5th floor, Caracas, Venezuela.

2007 - ArtExpo at Concresa Commercial Center (Centro Comercial Concresa), Cecom Center, Caracas, Venezuela.

2006 - Sacro Caracas Museum (Museo Sacro de Caracas) - "La Fuerza de lo Divino", Caracas, Venezuela. Raúl Leoni National Library (Biblioteca Nacional Raúl Leoni), Caracas, Venezuela. Caracas Museum (Museo Caracas) - "La Magia del Plano y del Color", Caracas, Venezuela. Lagunita Country Club, Caracas, Venezuela. 'Galería Expresarte', Casa Mall Commercial Center (Centro Comercial Casa Mall), El Cafetal, Caracas, Venezuela.

Awards and Acknowledgements
2013 - Special Mention - IV 'Los Molinos' Contest (IV Certámen Los Molinos), Madrid, Spain. Second Place at the Encinar Fast Painting Contest, Madrid, Spain.

2009 - Selected artist for the 'Filatelia Cristo' edition 2009 (500Bs stamp).

2006 - Faber-Castell Mention, 7th Faber-Castell Hall at the NAG - National Art Gallery (Galería de Arte Nacional), Caracas, Venezuela. Merit Diploma - 'Museo Sacro de Caracas'. Honorary Distinction - Raúl Leoni Library (Biblioteca Raúl Leoni). Honorary Distinction - Caracas Museum (Museo Caracas).

2000 Special Mention at the 4th Faber-Castell Hall ('Oficios del Venezolano') - National Art Gallery (Galería de Arte Nacional), Caracas, Venezuela.

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