International Masters: Francisco de Goya

Los Caprichos Francisco De Goya - Caprichos - Se repulen Francisco De Goya - Caprichos - Los chinchillas Francisco De Goya - Caprichos - Tragala perro Francisco De Goya - Caprichos - Ensayos Francisco De Goya - Caprichos - Las rinde el sueño

Los Caprichos

6 engravings from LOS CAPRICHOS
8th Edition (1905-1907)
Conservation: excelent
Provenance: Nueva York 60’s Manhattan Galleries

Number Title Dimensions (inch)
12 A caza de dientes 9’’x 6’’
34 Las rinde el sueño 9’’x 6’’
50 Los chinchillas 9’’x 6’’
51 Se repulen 9’’x 6’’
58 Tragala perro 9’’x 6’’
60  Ensayos 9’’x 6’’

Francisco De Goya
He was born in 1746 in Fuendetodos, a town in the Spanish province of Zaragoza, the son of a gilder of Basque origin, Joseph, and a noble peasant woman named Gracia Lucientes. Family coming in Zaragoza, the young Francis went to learn the craft as a painter in the workshop of José Luzán routine, where he spent four years copying pictures until it was decided to set up his own and, as he later wrote, "painting of my invention. "
As the years went by his long life, this "painting of my invention"became more real and more pronounced, because without neglecting the well-paid commissions that allowed a life of ease, and he drew Goya print series of unusual pictures and capricious, whose ultimate meaning, often ambiguous, corresponding to a highly personal fantasy and ideological commitment, akin to the principles of the Enlightenment, which was a tireless engine satire of the mores of his time.

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