Venezuelan Masters: Harry Abend

Precisión I Precisión I Precisión I

Precisión I

7.9 x 9.8 x 6.7 in; 2.8 x 9.8 x 6.7 (base only); 10.6 in. height incl. base.
A.P. Edition of 4.
Signed, numbered & dated.
Provenance: acquired from the artist.

Polish-born Venezuelan sculptor and architect Harry Abend (1937-2021) was a prominent figure in Venezuelan contemporary art. Immigrating to Venezuela at the age of 11, Abend embarked on his artistic career in 1958, concurrently studying sculpture under Miguel Arroyo and architecture at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. His exceptional talent was recognized early when he was awarded the National Sculpture Prize at the young age of 26 for his work "Forma 1961."

Abend's artistic approach encompassed a range of styles, from geometric sculptures to explorations in serial art. His skillset extended beyond sculpture, encompassing engraving, illustration, and even jewelry design, with notable commissions for Venezuelan government officials. His architectural background uniquely informed his artistic vision, evident in the large-scale integration of his sculptures into buildings.

While Abend spent time in London further developing his practice, Venezuela remained his artistic home. He passed away in Caracas in 2021, leaving behind a remarkable legacy as a leading sculptor and a versatile artist who profoundly influenced Venezuelan contemporary art.

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