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​​​​​​James Bardens

Sequence #4 “Dice” (Chroma)

19.5x19.5 in
Digital art on Fabriano paper

James Bardens (1993 - )
Venezuelan-Australian artist active within the city of Melbourne, Australia. Educated in art studies under the direction of artists Jude Worters and Frank Pitt. Educated in graphic design under the direction of designers Natasha Dwyer and Paul Roszak. Graduated in Creative Arts Industries at Victoria University, under the coordination of artist Sue Dodd. Bardens' works are created by digital means, and within a discernible minimalist aesthetic, with traces of abstract and modernist influences. Likewise, Bardens' main artistic influence comes from artists within these aforementioned styles, specially the likes of Antonio Maluf, John McLaughlin and Ad Reinhardt. Bardens' artistic philosophy is mainly based upon the visual relationship between an artwork's discernible shapes, its perspective, and its contrast. This philosophy is reflected in those works that demonstrate the balance between symbolism and abstraction, a contrast between tonal elements, and the mixed quality of depth perception.

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