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Venezuelan Masters: José Mora



Acrylic & iron
25.59 x 25.59 in.

José mora

Painter. Son of the popular artist Ana María Moret. In 1949 he arrived in Caracas sharing his artistic activity between the capital and Mérida. With the Ukrainian artist Iván C. Belsky, he learns the rudiments of painting and aspects of his technique, starting in 1959. He accompanies Belsky to the Andes when he makes the paintings of the Cathedral of Mérida and the Historical Museum of Trujillo.

Between 1968 and 1970 he began to meet with the so-called Los Dos Caminos group. Some painters that belonged to this group were Trino Orozco, Jorge Chacón and Raúl Moleiro, among others. This group can be considered as an attempt to prolong the tradition of the get-togethers at the 'Círculo de Bellas Artes' and the 'Escuela de Caracas'. In 1960 he showed interest in abstractionism, but soon returns to the theme of landscapes, working with more flashing colors.

Regarding his body of work, Hugo Baptista has commented that "the magnificent landscapes of José Alberto Mora, are distinguished by their touches of light, their colors being well distributed and above all, by their creative emotion" (El Nacional, June 26, 1970), while Óscar Rojas Jiménez adds: "the surprising thing in José A. Mora's painting is his wonderful mania for renewal." In his landscapes, the trees seem to break on through, in the middle of secret attempts through great chromatic difficulties. Landscapes by Mora that penetrate the fields and are confused within the villages, distributed sensibly between apamates and streets that rise in the direction of light, because in these works, light is presented as a constant challenge, with an intimate confrontation with the landscape "(Rojas Jiménez, 1970).


1970 | Popular Award, Salón Armando Reverón, VI Annual Hall, Caracas, Venezuela.
1971 | Silver Paddle, Salón Armando Reverón, VII Annual Hall, Caracas, Venezuela.
1972 | Gold Medal, Lecture Room, Athenaeum of San Cristóbal, Táchira, Venezuela.
1976 | First Mention, Municipal Painting Prize, Caracas, Venezuela.

Sources: Vereda

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