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Luis 'Legz' Garcia

Calegzgrafía N 38 on paper

Mixed on Fabriano paper
11.75x16 in
Period 2016

Luis Garcia "Legz", was born and educated in Caracas, Venezuela. Graduate of the Institute of Design in Caracas, his interest in typography begins long before starting his studies in design with graffiti, as it was the artistic expression that was in the streets, then to enter the IDC discovers new styles Graphic Designer and structures of different fonts, for a time worked in various agencies as a graphic designer and this is when he decides to enter the world of calligraphy and lettering.

He currently works freelance as a calligrapher and typographical creations, his passion for the letters led him to put his art in different areas at the level of art exhibitions to public interventions (Street Art), also works for a clothing brand called Latin America with Wizz Wear several nationally and internationally recognized illustrators. Their expectation is to introduce and reinforce the culture of the art of calligraphy and lettering in Venezuela.


2013: Salpicarte. Tres y 3 Gallery. Las Mercedes, Caracas, Venezuela. OFFF. Colaboration of Caracas. Plaza La Castellana. Chacao, Caracas, Venezuela. For The middle of the street. Chacao, Caracas, Venezuela. Expo Minimum. Ipiar Tumerem Cultural Foundation. Caracas, Venezuela.
2014: Urbaniarte. Moteávila University. Caracas, Venezuela. Salpicarte. Bananas El Hatillo. Caracas, Venezuela. Intervención Local. Chell Tattoo. Plaza Las Americas. Caracas, Venezuela. Intervention Zipper Magazine 5th Anniversary celebration. Teatrex El Bosque. Chacao, Caracas, Venezuela. .Colaboración For UNICEF career. Caracas, Venezuela. Colaboration For bottomer Ajúa calendar. Mexico. 2015: Store Intervention showcase O6 Store. Brand launch Wizz Wear. DC Sambil, Caracas, Venezuela. Artist Intrervention invited to the celebration of 100 years of the contour bottle of Coca-Cola. Restaurant Bucare. El Rosal, Caracas, Venezuela. Spaces Intervention for the Youth Orchestra of Chacao. Centro Cultural Chacao. Caracas, Venezuela.

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