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Venezuelan Masters: Mirna Salamanqués


Sin Título

Aerosol on canvas
Signed back and front

Mirna Salamanqués
Painter. Salamanqués daughter of Humberto and Carmen Escobar. Upon completion of his secondary education in 1964, he enrolled at the School Cristóbal Rojas, where he graduated in 1967. That same year, coordinates the Gallery Angel Boscan and states in the Gallery Polo & Bot (Caracas), works inspired by the book The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury. The following year he traveled to France, Austria, Bulgaria and Czechoslovakia as a delegate of the Culture of the UCV. Between 1962 and 1968 performed works in Indian ink, pastel, acrylic and modeling paste to represent future cities. In 1969 produces two-dimensional assemblies for which uses plastic toys, models to assemble cars, boats and motorcycles. That year a scholarship by the INCIBA and travels to Paris, where he worked in the studio of Jesus Soto and studied engraving at the School of Decorative Arts with Yves Heude (1969-1970). Furthermore, the French government awarded him a scholarship for one year (1970) and then continues mural art studies (1972-1974) with the artist Rohner. By 1970 applies to their assemblies spray paint, creating mechanical seals expressing hazy figures on paper, cloth and wood. "The Assemblies are kind of modules used using aerosol paint containers, to create a special patina and a semifantasmagórica presence of forms The procedure allows a very effective achievements. When more effort is logged because the modules are integrated with painting and assembly prove one consistent "effect (Guevara, 1975). From 1971 works with reliefs, made with toys attached to the timber immersed in a simulated white body fossils. In 1972, the Museum of Modern Art in Paris acquires its work Assembly 333 (acrylic on canvas, 120 x 120 cm) and in 1973 received the award for painting Crous for his work Tissu mechanics. In 1980 exposes in Room Cristóbal Rojas of the Embassy of Venezuela in Paris his series The people and space. In early 1982 he held his first integrated architecture in a Caracas restaurant work: 113 panels 3 x 1.2 m each, made up wrapped in linen prepared and painted with enamel oil gun racks. The artist used 25,000 tiny objects to perform 113 different compositions. When the cloth was sprayed with paint, objects left their footprints: at each point a drop of color is formed; it is estimated that the work is about two million points that make up clusters of stars floating in a universe of hues. Later this year he traveled to the United States where he studied communication, linguistic and synergy; at this stage applies a new technique to his work, intervening spaces blurred bold brushwork and color drops. In 1984 presented solo exhibitions in Graphic / CB2 (Caracas) Gallery and Exhibition Hall Leeds City Council. He founded the Living Building (1989-1992) Institute and incorporates mantras and their works illegible calligraphic forms. He founded the International Circle of Collectors in Paris (1992-1993) and during his stay working in Cité des Arts develops the New Age series and radiant symbols path. Since its inception to the present, he has experimented with different methods, among which the use of various additional resources, such as templates, modules and frames, a language of traces and resonances, finely structured with its own internal cohesion.

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