International Masters: Toni Sánchez

Toni Sánchez - Oh Steve

Oh Steve

Acrylic and enamel on canvas
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Toni Sanchez
Toni Sanchez was born in Valencia, Spain in 1965. He studied at the Faculty of Law of the University of Valencia for three years, but in a radical move, decided to pursue his dream of becoming an artist and moved on to The School of Arts and Crafts to study graphic design. That decision has very much paid off and Toni now has much acclaim.

His work has been informed by the time he spent in the United States, poring over American culture, studying very closely the rock and roll lifestyle of the 50’s and 60’s, the lifestyles of the various pop artists the movement generated, and the paintings they produced. In addition, Toni, who is always adventurous, while living in the U.S., became involved in the music industry and had the opportunity to travel around the globe. He furthered his study of the Pop Art genre wherever his travels took him, finally fleshing out for him the style in which he works today.

Toni seized the opportunity to paint using Ben-Day dots to create brilliant works satisfying his perfectionist leanings. All of the works are original drawings by Toni flanked with this design. He brings an original vision to this classic technique creating works featuring pop icons, imagined scenes of human interaction often with a sense of humor and always with passion.

He has been commissioned by the America’s Cup for his designs and also by UNESCO two years in a row where his designs for their culture program spanned 195 countries.

Toni exhibits around the world and has a global following including a number of international Pop stars.

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