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International Artists

Ivan Petrovszky

Since his arrival in Venezuela in 1945, Ivan has had active participation in the plastic life of the Country. Right away he did shows and participated in exhibitions where he received applauses and acknowledgement by the critics.

James Bardens - Painting

Venezuelan-Australian artist active in the city of Melbourne, Australia. Educated in artistic studies, under the direction of artists Jude Worters and Frank Pitt. Educated in graphic design, under the direction of designers Natasha Dwyer and Paul Roszak.

Jean Pierre Vasarely "Yvaral" - Painting

Jean Pierre Vasarely "Yvaral" was born in Paris in 1934, he was the son of acclaimed kinetic artist Victor Vasarely. Although Yvaral's last name was Vasarely, during his lifetime he became known as Jean-Pierre Yvaral.

Jesús de Miguel Alcántara - Opening one of his exhibitions

Professional artist between naturalism and landscape symbolism. Being busy and interested in the cognitive process of existence and its mysteries to be solved through research and knowledge of myself and others.

Joan Miró - Painting

Spanish painter, sculptor, engraver and potter. Until 1919, his painting was dominated by a formal expressionism with Fauvista and Cubist influences, centered on landscapes, portraits and nudes.

Liu Bolin: Digital printing

Liu Bolin was born in 1973 in the Chinese province of Shandong. He finished his studies at the Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts with a Master of Fine Arts in 2001. His works have been exhibited in museums around the world.

Mané Katz - Watercolor on rice paper

Mané Katz was a French painter of Russian origin and Jewish descent. Expressionist style that belonged to the so-called School of Paris.

Manolo Valdés - Sculptures

Spanish painter and sculptor. Manolo Valdés Blasco was born on March 8, 1942 in the city of Valencia. In 1957 he entered the School of Fine Arts of San Carlos. Overly academic training imparted therein should not satisfy you too because, just two years later, he left this institution to devote himself entirely to painting.

Manuel de la Fuente - Sculpture

Manuel de la Fuente was born in Cádiz, Spain, on April 22, 1932. He studied sculpture, drawing and art history at the School of Arts and Crafts in Cádiz.

Maria van Oosterwijck, also spelled Oosterwyck, (1630–1693) was a Dutch Golden Age painter, specializing in richly detailed flower paintings and other still lifes.

Born in Paris, France, on May 22, 1930, María Sol Escobar (recognized as Venezuelan), was one of the pioneers of Pop Art in North America, and is now known as one of the great references of sculpture and artistic assembly

Mietek Detyniecki - Painting

His work is distinguished by the recreation of deformed and trapped beings, always with a cartoon touch that associates it with European expressionism.

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