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International Artists

Manolo Valdés - Sculptures

Spanish painter and sculptor. Manolo Valdés Blasco was born on March 8, 1942 in the city of Valencia. In 1957 he entered the School of Fine Arts of San Carlos. Overly academic training imparted therein should not satisfy you too because, just two years later, he left this institution to devote himself entirely to painting.

Manuel de la Fuente - Sculpture

Manuel de la Fuente was born in Cádiz, Spain, on April 22, 1932. He studied sculpture, drawing and art history at the School of Arts and Crafts in Cádiz.

Spanish artist, painter and sculptor. Manuel Pinazo Rodríguez received his artistic training at the Escuela de Eduardo Merello, adjunct to the Escuela de Artes y Oficios de Valencia

Maria van Oosterwijck, also spelled Oosterwyck, (1630–1693) was a Dutch Golden Age painter, specializing in richly detailed flower paintings and other still lifes.

Born in Paris, France, on May 22, 1930, María Sol Escobar (recognized as Venezuelan), was one of the pioneers of Pop Art in North America, and is now known as one of the great references of sculpture and artistic assembly

Mietek Detyniecki - Painting

His work is distinguished by the recreation of deformed and trapped beings, always with a cartoon touch that associates it with European expressionism.

Nicolás Schoffer - Sculpture

Nicolas Schöffer was a French artist of Hungarian origin. He can be considered as the father of cyber art. His career covered painting, kinetic sculpture, architecture, urban planning, cinema, television and music.

Pablo Picasso

Born in Malaga. Died in Mougins. Painter, sculptor, engraver, ceramist. For many the dominant figure of 20th-century art, Picasso combined an indomitable belief in the individual will with a total scorn for convention.

Pierre Armand - Sculpture

Arman (November 17, 1928 - October 22, 2005) was an American artist of French origin. Born Armand Fernandez in Nice, France, he was a painter best known for his "accumulation" and the destruction / recomposition of objects.

Pierre Dumont - Painting

Pierre Dumont was a versatile artist. He painted still lifes, landscapes, urban landscapes and portraits of his mostly known artists of the time.

Reg Butler, byname of Reginald Cotterell Butler, (born April 28, 1913, Buntingford, Hertfordshire, Eng.—died Oct. 23, 1981, Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire), English sculptor of figurative works noted for their strenuous quality of line.

Robert Indiana - Sculpture

Robert Clark, better known as Robert Indiana, is an American artist associated with the pop art movement. Of all his works, the best known are the series made with the word LOVE.

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