Ivan Petrovszky

Since his arrival in Venezuela in 1945, Ivan has had active participation in the plastic life of the Country. Right away he did shows and participated in exhibitions where he received applauses and acknowledgement by the critics. Since 1946 he has won the most important prizes: Michelena, Planchart, D'Empaire, the National Drawing Prize, etc., and even received for a second time, barely five years ago, the Great Prize of the Salon Arturo Michelena.

All those applauses are received by an artist that has been consequent with his plastic conception and interests. In general, his attitude is distant or foreign to fashionable groups and tendencies. Ivan has worked in solitary but at the same time integrated to the cultural context where he has had to live. He participates in exhibitions together with young artists without restraining himself because of his consecrated position or generational gap. His relation with art is that of a painter that assumes his craft basing his work on a permanent research of the plastic and expressive means, which has characterized his work along all these years.

Born in Egkey, Hungary in March 1913

One Man Shows
1945 - Caracas Athenaeum, Caracas, Venezuela
1946 - Valencia Athenaeum, Valencia, Venezuela
1947 - Museum of Beau Arts, Caracas, Venezuela
1953 - Galeria Estilo, Madrid, Spain
1957 - Center for Beau Arts, Maracaibo, Venezuela
1958 - National Gallery of Arts, Caracas, Venezuela
1959 - Museum of Beau Arts, Caracas, Venezuela
1962 - Valencia Athenaeum, Valencia, Venezuela
1962 - Sala Mendoza, Caracas, Venezuela
1965 - Sala Mendoza, Caracas, Venezuela
1965 - Central University, Caracas, Venezuela
1966 - Galeria Marcos Castillo, Caracas, Venezuela
1969 - Interamerican Development Bank, Washington- DC, USA
1971 - BANAP, Caracas
1972 - Sala Mendoza, Caracas
1976 - Museum of Beau Arts, Caracas, Venezuela
1984 - Museum of Beau Arts, Caracas, Venezuela
1988 - Sala Mendoza, Caracas
1992 - Galeria de Arte Gala, Valencia, Venezuela
1993 - Center for Beau Arts, Maracaibo, Venezuela
1998 - Galeria Medicci, Caracas
1999 - Galeria Medicci, Caracas
2000 - Galeria Medicci, Caracas

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