(Philadelphia, USA, 1898-New York, 1976) American sculptor. Born into a family of artists, but was not initially inclined to art and studied mechanical engineering, later he was very helpful. Until 1923 did not enroll in art school, where he began making quick sketches of pedestrians.

In 1931 he joined the Abstraction-Creation Partnership, and the same year he created a work to which Marcel Duchamp dubbed mobile. Precisely are the creations mobile Calder rose to the highest peaks of modern sculpture. With them set out to create abstract works featuring movement, reflecting, thanks to its dynamism, the changing effects of light.

Mobile made of very different sizes, some huge, in which he used brass colored pieces of abstract shapes, connected by wires or strings, usually suspended from the ceiling as a result of its low weight were easily moved by air .

With these works, was the first to incorporate the movement to the work of art and became the pioneer of kinetic art. Particularly prominent Red Steel Fish and Petals. The great success of mobile operator explains that received commissions from many different countries and their works beautify some of the major cities.

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