Biographies: Antonio Salguero Salas


1868-1935. Son of Mariano and Josefa Salgado Salas Estrada, also a painter. Father Luis Salguero. Grandson Avilés Salas Antonio . Educated at the College San Gabriel. Married to an Italian lady. In the guide pertaining to Quito, 1894 Adolfo Jiménez stated that her house is located in the street next to the slaughterhouse Manabí with houses and Agustin Salas Alejandro Salas. His early studies were done in the workshop Alejandro Salas.
In 1886, installed his own shop
1896: travel to Chile for two years.
1901: President Eloy Alfaro awarded a scholarship in Rome and Paris that imitate the great masters of world painting.
In 1904, he returned to Quito and was hired as a professor of painting at the School of Fine Arts in Quito is located in Alameda, where she shares the chair with Rafael Salas, Juan Manon and Joaquin Pinto.
In 1912, is devoted exclusively to his painting and his son Luis works with him after his death, the works are brought to Italy by his widow, plus a collection of colonial art of your property, including a Baby Jesus slept that is inscribed in bas-relief of Manuel Chili Caspicara "image that is returned to Quito in 1950 to their families.
The engineer was on his property Tinajero some paintings purchased the painter, which are then donated to the painter which are then donated to the Museum "Aurelio Espinosa Polit. In the Chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary in the Church of Santo Domingo lies along Salguero body that reads: "In this church lie the remains of the famous painter Don Antonio Salguero (1868-1935). Quiteño The City Council paid tribute to his memory. May 24, 1968"

Religious reasons. Many pictures of "Heart of Jesus." Works located at: Church of Santo Domingo: "Our Lady of Pompeii", "La Sagrada Familia", "The Martyrs of Japan." National Music Conservatory "Santa Cecilia, patron saint of musicians." Artisans Society: allegories in locksmith work. Customary: Portraits popular characters: is preferred in Quito society for the development of her portraits.

Oils. Watercolor.

Paints mostly small and medium formats

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