Biographies: Felipe Castañeda


He was born on December 16, 1933 in Michoacán, México.

He is an internationally renowned sculptor and is a man of great sensitivity and enormous talent. His exhibits have been held in the United States, Mexico and Europe.

In 1958 he came upon a teacher from an art trade school. The teacher explained the classes that the school offered and Felipe decided that he was going to go to school. He enrolled that same day and took classes in drawing, modeling, carving and constructive drawing. He absorbed knowledge very quickly and was adept at carving and sculpting. In 1962, he married his wife Martha and he began working for the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City. It was at this time that Castañeda became Francisco Zuñiga’s assistant, world renowned sculptor.

By 1966, Castañeda was able to mold plaster and clay for sculptures perfectly. He set out on a path to perfect his ability to create stone sculptures. It is the classic example of the student beginning his career under the inspiration of a master sculptor and then surpassing him. His early training with Zuniga made Castañeda the sculptor he is today.

Castañeda creates sculptures in marble, onyx and bronze. His concentration is the female form. The subject of women is the center of his creativity...wife, mother, lover, and friend. He depicts her kneeling, standing, sitting, reclining, and stretching - capturing all her moods. Each of the women Castañeda creates is mysterious and provocative. They have perfect proportions owing to his profound knowledge of human anatomy. His sculptures are executed in the Greco-Roman style of beauty. His marble and onyx figures, when completed, gleam like polished jewels.

When asked if he were satisfied with his accomplishments, Castañeda replied, "What more can I ask for? Perhaps, just time to someday accomplish what every artist aspires for: to create the best, the greatest work of my life before I die."

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