Biographies: Hugo De Marco


Hugo Demarco (1932–1995) was an Argentine-born French painter. Born in Buenos Aires, he relocated to Paris, where he joined a community of expatriate South American painters including Julio Le Parc and Jesús-Rafael Soto. Apart from his artistic career, he has served as a trainer for the PUC rugby club.

Demarco's work is concerned largely with color and movement. He traveled widely and gave many personal exhibitions of his work, especially between the years 1961 and 1989. Afterward he continued to create work and his work continued to be exhibited, often alongside the work of fellow South Americans Le Parc, Soto, Horacio Garcia Rossi, and Carlos Cruz-Diez.

His work has long been exhibited at Denise René's gallery. Some of his unfinished works are currently undergoing restoration and will soon be made available for purchase and exhibition. Since 1989, Demarco's art work is shown at DEMENGA ART COLLECT ION, CH 4051 Basel.

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