Venezuelan Artists

Ricardo Goldman - Abstract painting

He develops drawing as a discipline in itself, along with other expression forms like etching, serigraphy, or the construction of pieces in wood, metals, and synthetic resins. Painting and sculpture play now a preponderant role.

Santiago Aguirre - Sculpture red patina

Born in Caracas on December 13, 1967. Sculptor inserted into the constructivist tradition. He has developed his work continuously for more than 27 years.

Teresa Casanova - Painting

Painter, sculptor, engraver, ceramist and graphic designer. In early 1951 he moved to Italy, studying art criticism at the University of Rome and participates in the paint shop and drawing Jorge Piqueras.

Tito Salas - Painting

Represented in The Museo de Bellas Artes, Miraflores Palace, Federal Palace, and The Presidencial Oficial Residence, La Casona.

Tomás Golding - Painting: sunflowers

The landscape work of Tomás Golding can be located within the School of Caracas, being considered the most baroque of them, always concerned about movement and light, in a very characteristic style.

Trino Orozco: Flowers, oil painting

Prominent painter, considered by art critics as one of the best watercolor artists from Venezuela, born in Humocaro Alto, Moran village in the municipality of Lara state, on 9 January 1915.

Trino Sánchez - Arlequines: Sculpture

Born in Ciudad Bolívar, Venezuela. Between 1981-1983 he studied painting, drawing and graphics at the María Machado School of Art in Guevara, Caracas, Venezuela. Between 1992-1993 he studied drawing, painting and sculpture at the Federico Brandt Art Institute, Caracas, Venezuela.

Víctor Valera - Painting on paper

Sculptor . He began studying art in Maracaibo in 1941 and in 1945 moved to Caracas where he enrolled at the School of Fine and Applied Arts (1948-1950 ), from which is expelled as a result of student strikes.

Virgilio Trómpiz - Figurative oil painting

Unlike his generation partners (Manaure, Navarro, Guevara Moreno, etc.), Virgilio Trómpiz did not travel the path of abstractionism and although he did not despise the flat color he felt, like Poleo in recent times, a predilection for the female figure set on decorative backgrounds.

Wuilfredo Soto - Kinetic art

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, self-taught His works are influenced by abstraction, expressive elements dominated the sensitivity and ideas.

Yanel Sánchez - Painting

He studied Digital and post-contemporary Art at the “Instituto Superior de Arte” in Madrid, Spain.Then in 2009 obteined a B.S. in Bioanalysis at the Central University of Venezuela in Caracas, Venezuela.

Yobel Parra - Abstract figuration

Born in San Felix, Edo. Bolívar in 1972. Lives and works in Caracas. Venezuela. He studied at the School of Visual Arts "Cristóbal Rojas". He is a Founding Member of the Crea 10 and Crea 4 Foundations.

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