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Venezuelan Artists

Felipe Herrera - Sculppture

Sculptor and draftsman. Sign artistic studies at the Cristobal Rojas School in 1962 , with Rafael Ramon Gonzalez , Rodriguez and Regulus Alirio Perez , graduating at the mention of pure art in 1967.

Francisco Hung - Abstract painting

Painter. From a Chinese father and Venezuelan mother, he arrived in Venezuela in 1950 and lived in Maracaibo, where his mother was born. He began his art studies in 1956 at the Julio Arraga School of Plastic Arts in Maracaibo. That year he made his first individual exhibition at the Mare Mare Gallery, in Caracas.

Francisco Narváez - Bronze sculpture

Painter and sculptor. The artisan experience acquired by Narváez in his early youth as an assistant to his father, José Lorenzo, shortened the path of direct carving, preparing him for the valorization of materials that until then had not been used in Venezuelan sculpture: the marine stone of Araya and the one of cumarebo.

Francisco Salazar (Pancho) - Mixed media

Francisco Salazar was born in 1937 in Quiriquire, Monagas State, Venezuela. In 1954 he entered the School of Plastic and Applied Arts "Cristóbal Rojas" of Caracas, where he took courses in: drawing, painting, sculpture, mural, stained glass and engraving, among others.

Gabriel Bracho - Painting

Painter. He was interested in wall painting and their social contents, assuming David Alvaro Sequeiros as the greatest influence. Therefore his work is full of messages, symbols and references of the American world.

Gisseline Amiuny - Digital painting

Using technology Amiuny swap instruments that allow the play of light sequentially, and all his work is done with tools and equipment that ensure the accuracy of the lines and spaces equity.

Héctor Poleo - Painting

He was born in Caracas in 1918. Attracted by the muralist experience it started off for Mexico in 1938. Along with Pedro Leon Castro and Caesar Rengifo will bring to the Country a social image of the man and the landscape. In 1947 it received two important prizes: the painting official in VIII the official hall Venezuelan art and Premio-Beca Guggenheim in New York.

Hugo Newton - Abstract painting

The work of Newton has undressed of the vices and mannerisms which they give off all the languages, because more personnel has become, has included/understood better its terms, the modulation of the language who arrives by an almost natural movement, instinctive.

Jacobo Borges - Drawing

He was born in Caracas on November 28, 1931. Painter and incisive cartoonist who works following an order of daily notes to fix ideas that are coming up, Borges seems to refuse to accept professionalism in art.

James Matison - Sculpture: Head

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1966. During 1991 and 1992 lived in France and England. During that time takes a course of advanced technical ceramic shell casting at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London.

Jesús María de las Casas - Painting: Landscape

Jesús María de las Casas was born in Caracas in the year of 1854. he studied painting and engineering in Paris and also made painting courses in Germany. Approximately in the year of 1874 his friendship with Martín Tovar and Tovar begins.

Jesús Soto - Kinetic sculpture

Jesús Rafael Soto was born in Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela. In his teens he worked as a commercial artist, painting posters for local movie theaters. He later entered the Escuela de Artes Plasticas in Caracas, where he met Carlos Cruz-Diez and Alejandro Otero.

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