Venezuelan Artists

Abdón Pinto - Painting

Abdón Pinto was born in Valencia at the end of the XIX Century. At the Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes de Caracas, he was a student of Antonio Herrera Toro and Emilio Mauri, from whom he received a remarkable influence in his first canvases of historical character.

Abigaíl Varela - Woman bronze sculpture

Among the merits of Varela's work, the following stand out: its relationship with the millenary technique of bronze, with the eternal theme of women and with the intrinsic values of sculptural work.

Alberto Cavalieri - Iron sculpture

>Cavalieri was born in Caracas in 1969. He is a Venezuelan visual artist who throughout his long career has achieved renown for his monumental sculptures and public works integrated into architectural forms.

Alejandro Otero - Painting: female figure

He was born in Manteco, Bolívar state, in 1921. He studied at the School of Plastic Arts and Applied Arts of Caracas. He was a founding member of the group "The Dissidents" and the magazine of the same name. In Paris he would begin his work within the abstractionist line.

Alirio Palacios - Expressionist painting

Despite the eminently figurative meaning that characterizes him, Palacios is increasingly yielding to more abstract formal solutions. He expresses the forces in nature and inside him by means of expressive, solid strokes, like a way of recording the power of his ancestral world.

Alirio Rodríguez - Abstract painting

Born in El Callao, Bolivar State, in 1934. He studied at the “Escuela de Artes Plásticas Aplicadas” in Caracas. Between 1950 and 1952, he worked in the “Taller Libre de Arte”. In 1976, he represented Venezuela in the Venice Biennale.

Ángel Hurtado

Painter and filmmaker. Son of Miguel Ángel Hurtado and María de Hurtado. He participated for the first time in a collective exhibition at the age of 18, with José María Giménez and Octavio Alvarado.

Antonio Herrera Toro - Oil painting

Painter, Engraver. Writer. He received drawing and painting lessons from Tovar and Tovar and Manuel Maucó. It is as a portraitist where Herrara Toro made his main contribution. Correct draftsman, his careful invoice, his classical training and his contempt for the anecdotal, led him to execute some of the best portraits of our nineteenth century

Antonio José Fernández - Oil painting

Antonio José Fernández (The Man with the Ring) was an extraordinary popular painter, a passionate sculptor who worked with cement, joyfully coloring its shapes, making mixed-technique creations, utilising rubbish and paper, making bas-relieves with wood.

Antonio Paz in front of one of his  paintings

Born in Ciudad Guayana in 1973. Antonio Paz is formed by the hand of Venezuelan Masters such as Victor Antonioni, Francisco Bourne, Leonardo Acosta and Jasón Galarraga, actively participating in the conception and manufacture of works of different trends.

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