He was born in El Manteco, Bolivar State, in 1921. Between 1939 and 1945 he studied at the school of Plastic Arts and Applied Arts of Caracas. He traveled to Paris after graduation. In 1950 he became a charter member of the group “The Dissidents” and of the magazine of the same name, in which Venezuelan art then conservative attitudes were questioned. In Paris he would begin his work within the Abstractionist line.

Along with architect Carlos Raul Villanueva and artists Calder, Vasarely, Arp and Léger, he participated in the design of the University City of Caracas. While in Paris in 1960 he created a series of assemblages and collages influenced by the Neodadaism movement. In 1966, the Biennial of Venice showcased an individual exhibit of his work. In 1967, he began to make a series of large scale outdoor works he called “Space Structures” that can be appreciated in cities such as Maracay, Bogotá, Washington DC, Mexico City and Milan, among others.

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