He was born in Churuguara, State falcon, in 1950. Between his main individual exhibitions they emphasize: Phoenix Gallery, New York(1991,93,96 and 98); Athenian of Choir (1997); Hermenéutica of the Landscape, Gallery Florida, Caracas (1993); Romances, Maria Callas Gallery, Miami (1993); Gallery Art Today, Caracas(1992) and Gallery Arming Reverón, embassy of Venezuela in Mexico (1992). It has participated in numerous collective exhibitions, between which they emphasize: X Caribbean Hall (Choir, 1997), IV Biennial of Port the Cross (1997), I Biennial of Fondene Art (New Esparta, 1997), Hall Visual Arts Arturo Michelena (Valencia, 1996). Gallery the Awnings in Monterrey (Mexico, 1995), Francisco Nader Art Gallery (Dominican Republic, 1995), Consulate of Venezuela in New York (1991), XVIII National Hall Art of Aragua (1991), I Biennial of Mérida (1991) and III Biennial of East (1991). It has obtained among other recognitions: I Prize of VIII the Municipal Hall Tito Rooms of the Athenian of Port Hair (1989), I Prize Municipal Hall Maracay Painting (1992), and special reconnaissance in VIII the Biennial of Visual Arts of Churuguara, State Falcon, by its trajectory the International.

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