Rivero Sanabria, born in Caracas in 1864. He first studies made them in the Capital. In 1887 he was granted a scholarship and he travels to Europe: in Germany he receives classes of painter Edwin Oehme, in the Academy of Desdre; later he travels to Paris, where he attends next to Arturo Michelena and Cristóbal Rojas the classes of Jean Paul Laurens, dedicating itself to the study of the human figure. Rivero Sanabria participated in the Hall French Artists in 1889. Probably he returned to Caracas around 1890. In 1894 he executed the picture of the Canon Courteous Jose of Madariaga, entrusted by the Municipal Council of Caracas. In the last years of he’s life, prevented physically by a disease that to prostrate, was dedicated to paint dead natures and flowers.

He passed away in Caracas the 25 of Julio of 1915.

Galería de Arte Nacional, Caracas.
Concejo Municipal del Distrito Federal, Caracas.
Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Caracas.
Congreso Nacional, Caracas.
Liceo Fermín Toro, Caracas.