Biographies: Próspero Martínez


Próspero Martinez was born in Caracas the 28 of July of 1885. In 1904 one registered in the Academiade Bellas Artes de Caracas, where he was student of Emilio Mauri and Antonio Herrera Toro. In 1908 he received one of the three prizes of the Annual Aid of the Academy of Beautiful Arts, and the following year he took part in the strike headed by Carlos Knoll to protest the education that was distributed in that institute, which was worth to him, next to the rest of its companions, the expulsion of the establishment. In 1912 he was united to Manuel Cabré and Antonio Edmundo Monsanto to found the Circulo de Bellas Artes, of which one of he’s members was considered him since then. But ambitious and of spirit little dissuaded, Martinez had little participation in the artistic movement of their time, to the point of which only review, throughout hes trajectory, and in life, a single individual exhibition hers, the one that the critic organized Francisco Da Antonio in the Sala de la Sociedad Maraury, Petare, Miranda state, in 1965. Equally poor he was his participation in the Official Hall Venezuelan Art, in which he got to obtain, almost at the end of his life, in 1959, the Prize Arístides Rojas Landscape, MBA. However, in prize to he’s merit, the work of Martinez was including in two important retrospective ones: the "Exhibition of the Venezuelan Landscape", made in 1942 in the MBA and "the Great Mountain", organized by the GAN in 1977, with curaduría of Juan Calzadilla. He passed away in the population of Carrizales, Miranda state, in 1966. Posthumously, the Gallery Marcos Castillo, by initiative of Dr J.J. Mayz Lyon, offered a small anthological sample of he’s work, in 1967.

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