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His voracious appetite for reading led to Sylva, from very young to enter the world of the ordinary, but unknown source that would later serve the many stories spinning radiated. With vast experience as a producer and scriptwriter in national and international media, Radio Caracas Radio, Radio Continente, RNV, Radio Caracas Television, Televisa CMQ and the Voice of America in the U.S., leaving aside its passage through the advertising medium , undertook this project for 37 years has continuously maintained through the signal from this circuit and in other seasons. Your message has been sent to Guatemala, Dominican Republic, the Canary Islands, Canada, Calcutta and the United States During the production of this program have happened things did not end up surprising. Recently I contacted a person from Manaus, Brazil, who confessed to being a regular listener of space, to say that had a complete collection of programs broadcast during the 70's. Similar situation arose when he received a call from Canada, by a university professor, who attracted by the diction of the narrator, began listening space. After the issuance of the first micro received numerous calls in the recording studio, from people who wanted to involve their own stories. Listeners have become his top aides, Sylva said, referring to daily receive many communications via the Internet or other means, having to discard many of them by information overload. The protagonists of this trip are not exempt from radial shock recently, said Sylva, a Japanese company won the license for the manufacture of sensors to be placed in TVs, which will facilitate the on or off the device, using the power of the mind, but most surprising is the finding, but this invention was the subject of an episode of Our Universe Unusual in 8 years.

Rafael Moreno Sylva is in several arts such as painting.

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