Martín Tovar y Tovar born in Caracas the 10 of February of 1827. He died in the same city the 17 of December of 1902.

Student of Carmelo Fernandez, in 1850 started off for Spain where he studied with Jose and Federico Madrazo. From 1852 to 1855 he studied with Leon Cogniet, in Paris. Retratista in he’s beginnings, Tovar y Tovar happened our maximum painter of history thanks to the stimulus that in 1874 received from President Guzmán Blanco, for whom executed a series of orders, most important of which was Batalla de Carabobo (1886), that decorates the Elliptical Hall the Federal Capitol. Its great linen cloth the Declaration of the Act of Independence (1883) turned to him quickly one of the great Latin American muralist. Paisajista in that the critical recognize certain modernity, painted views of Caracas lately and the Coast that seems to anticipate itself to the Circle of Beautiful Arts.