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Ala de MurciélagoLia Bermudez is a renowned Venezuelan sculptor who has spent working iron sculptures, initiated and studied at the School of Plastic Arts of Caracas (1944-1946). Later he settled in 1947 in the city of Maracaibo and enrolled in the School of Visual Arts July Arraga where concludes its studies. Maracaibo is a student of Master Jesus Soto who work in his years iniciales.3 4 5 2 In the development of professional activity he served as professor of Basic Design at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Zulia in Maracaibo and as a professor of Graphic Communication at the School of Communication at the same university (1961-1980). Additionally his vocation as a cultural promoter, leads her to hold positions such as Director of Zulia Institute of Culture Andrés Eloy Blanco (1979 - 1980) and as Secretariat of Culture of the State of Zulia (1981 - 1982) and director of the Foundation Maracaibo Art Center, where the museum that bears his name and his current position works.

Lia Bermudez started his artistic career making figurative paintings stance and trends of Neo and constructivism where he developed works both flat and three-dimensional abstract carriage where his fundamental material in the case of sculpture are iron and copper, among the works that stand out from this period are the embossed design of cement Riviera Building (Maracaibo); to the 1960s influenced by the informality, working with materials such as scrap, rebar, wire, nails, sheet metal and develops works in relief and sculptures. Back in the 1980s, experiments with materials such as canvas, iron and fiberglass highlighted as a work of creation staircase Intercontinental Hotel Maracaibo.

Individual exhibitions
1957 "Sculpture and Painting", Centro de Bellas Artes, Maracaibo.
1966 "Sculpture" Ateneo de Valencia, Edo. Carabobo.
1967 "Sculpture" Ateneo de Caracas.
1971 "Sculpture", Centro de Bellas Artes, Maracaibo.
1973 "Painting", Centro de Bellas Artes, Maracaibo.
1976 "Sculpture Lia Bermudez," Visual Arts Workshop, LUZ.
1978 "Sculpture", Faculty of Humanities, LUZ.
1979 "Sculptures of Venezuela", Museum of Modern Art of Latin America, OAS Washington.
Armitano 1988 Art Center, Caracas.
1989 "Sculpture 1944-1989" MACC.
1990 "Space as a sensitive poetry homage of the city of Maracaibo," Fine Arts Center, Maracaibo.
2000 "Lia Bermudez. Urban Works" Banco Provincial Foundation, Caracas.
2006 "Lia Bermudez" Art Center Daniel Suarez, Caracas.
2007 "A color anthology dedicated to Lia Bermudez", Museum of Contemporary Art Zulia.
2014 "Lia Bermudez. Exhibition" Art Nouveau Gallery, Miami.
1957 Honorable Mention in painting, IV Salon D'Empaire.
1958 Second prize for painting, V Salon D'Empaire.
1961 Honorable Mention in painting, VIII Salon D'Empaire.
Sculpture Prize 1963 Shell Venezuela, IX Salon D'Empaire.
UC 1966 Prize XXIV Hall Arturo Michelena / Rotary Club Award sculpture XI Salon D'Empaire.
1969 Executive Zulia State Prize of Sculpture, Room XII D'Empaire.
Julio Morales Lara Award 1973, XXXI Hall Arturo Michelena.
1976 National Prize for Sculpture, small and medium format, Valencia, Edo. Carabobo. 2006 National Prize of Plastic Arts of Venezuela.

Other awards
Art Center Maracaibo Lia Bermudez
Arts Center of Maracaibo bears his name.
City Maracaibo 1977 Order, First Class, conferred by the Municipal Council of Maracaibo.
1979 Order of Andres Bello in his third Class conferred by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Venezuela.
1988 Order of the Liberator in the grade of Knight conferred by the President of the Republic by the Supreme Court.
1989 Order of Francisco de Miranda in First Class, conferred by the Ministry of Culture through the Ministry of the Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic.
1990 Creation of the Foundation Art Center Maracaibo Lia Bermudez, Zulia State.
Armando Reveron Award 1995 in its Unique Class, conferred by the governor of Zulia state.
Rafael Maria Baralt Order 1997, in its First Class, conferred by the Legislative Assembly of Zulia State.
Order 2001 San Sebastian in his 1st Class, granted by the city of Maracaibo. 2002 Button Zulia, conferred by the governor of Zulia state.
2005 honorary doctorate conferred by the Experimental School of Art at the University of Zulia.
2005 Creation of the Order of Lia Bermudez Art, University Rafael Belloso Chacin.
2005 Honored Artist of the XIV International Art Fair of Caracas, FIA.
2010 Guest Artist of the International Arts and Antiques Fair of Maracaibo, FIAAM.
2012 Order Lake Maracaibo in First Class.
2013 honorary doctorate conferred by the Universidad Nacional Experimental Rafael Maria Baralt.

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