He was born on January 27, 1940 in Cabimas, Zulia state. Self-taught in painting, makes primary education in his hometown and later take courses by correspondence in commercial art and accordion. He begins his career as a painter while engaged in the commercial art and without prior instruction, followed by postcards, stickers and photos, running his first works. Oscar González Bogen, artist and longtime teacher, finds out in 1968 and released the following year, sending their work to Salon D'Empaire XII, in Maracaibo, where he obtained the Prize Lunar Dr. José Ortín Rodriguez, who gave the University del Zulia. That same year, 1969, the Ateneo de Caracas presented his first solo exhibition. Lunar painted Cabimas all his work without ever having left this town, where he died in 1990 at age 50 years. Also presented in the group "Creators on the sidelines in the MACC, and individually in the Exhibition Hall of the Mendoza Foundation, 1971, Centro de Bellas Artes de Maracaibo, 1976, Durban Gallery, 1980 Art Center Gallery Euroamerican. In addition to the aforementioned award, also won honorable mention at the Arturo Michelena XXVIII Hall, Ateneo de Valencia, Carabobo, 1970.