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Mateo Manaure is an artist with a firm, steady passion for painting. His long trajectory in the profession, his permanent wonder, his abstract and lyric strength in seeking and discovering new and surprising plastic expression, qualifies him to exercise responsible power within the creative plans of Venezuela.

From the time that he collaborated with the famous architect, Carlos Raúl Villanueva, in the important project known as "synthesis of the arts'' in the architectonic complex of the University City of the Central University of Venezuela, passing through the experience of abstract geometrics, and a pioneering incursion into graphic design, reaching the stages of his cubicle visions and polychrome columns, this painter has proven that he has been a faithful interpreter of his times. Manaure reached an emotional and decisive peak in his great epic work,the soils of my country, a contribution by the artist toward his commitment to the land from which he was born. The edition of this book is in keeping with a long-held desire of the publishing company which, by coincidence, is enriched by Lucila Velásquez's text. It was a great satisfaction for the publisher to add this edition to his collection of books on the artists of Venezuela.

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