Benavides was born in Caracas the 8 of January of 1914. From 1941 to 1946 he makes studies in theEscuela de Artes Aplicadas de Caracas. Their professors were Marcos Castillo, Cesar Prieto, Francisco Narváez, Pedro Angel González, Jacques Zwobada and Jose Nucete Sardi.

Pablo Benavides is usually classified, without any reason for it, as a painter of the so-called school of Caracas. Definition somewhat concise and forced, to that him the fact that can be objected this teacher always maintained, throughout he’s race, in ethical matter and work, an independent position with respect to the thickness of withdrawn painters of the old Academia de Bellas Artes that competed by the prizes of the Official Hall. His work, if we compared he with the one of his contemporaries, is more gestual, fresh dynamics and, less tied to conventions and schemes that the one of which, unlike a self-taught person like him, they graduate from the Academy. To Benavides the inner structure worries to him about the landscape, and the return to the drawing in him is test that he follows interested in a consistent art, objective, in material terms.

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