Jesús María de las Casas was born in Caracas in the year of 1854. he studied painting and engineering in Paris and also made painting courses in Germany.

Approximately in the year of 1874 his friendship with Martín Tovar and Tovar begins. Towards the year of 1882 (the year is not known with exactitude), From he Houses return to settle down in Caracas, where he decides to mount expended of food and he was dedicated to give his free short whiles to the painting. Between 1890 and 1902 he makes several works in the factory of Martín Tovar and Tovar. To the death of the same one in 1902, Of the Houses he begins to share a factory with Herrera Toro. Between the years from 1900 to 1911 he spends long seasons in the field and produces notes and watercolors that gather in two albums. After this period of time De las Casas decides to take to Avila like suggestive center of a dense production of landscapes, this occurred between the years that go between 1911 and 1920. He is also in this period, when he makes most of his dead natures. To the 72 years, he dies in Caracas and his work totally is not known. He is not but until 1966 when through a sample of his work organized by the Mendoza Foundation, the greater set of his works, presented/displayed by Juan Calzadilla is exposed

Text by Carlos Silva