Biographies: Luis Garcia 'Legz'


Luis García "LEGZ" (31 years old) was born and trained in Caracas, Venezuela. As a graphic designer, having graduated from the Instituto de Diseño de Caracas (IDC) (Caracas Design Institute), his interest in typography started long before he began coursing his studies in design throughout the use of graffiti; given that it was the means of artistic expression found on the streets. Upon entering the IDC, he discovered new styles and structures pertaining to different letter fonts; upon graduation, he taught Design lessons for fourth-semester typing units at the IDC.

Legz has worked for several years in different agencies as a graphic designer, also working with several brands. It was during this time that he decided to dedicate himself to the world of calligraphy and lettering. He currently resides in Mexico, working as the Art Director Casa Manik; his passion for letters has led him to experiment with different work mediums, from painting exhibits to public art interventions (Street Art).


Salpicarte. Galería Tres y 3, Las Mercedes, Caracas, Venezuela.
OFFF Caracas collaboration. Plaza La Castellana, Chacao, Caracas, Venezuela.
Por el medio de la calle. Chacao, Caracas, Venezuela.
Expo mínimo. Ipiar Tumerem Cultural Foundation. Caracas, Venezuela.

Urbaniarte. Moteávila University. Caracas, Venezuela.
Salpicarte. Bananas El Hatillo, Caracas, Venezuela.
Chell Tattoo store intervention. Plaza Las Américas, Caracas, Venezuela.
Intervention for the celebration of the 5th anniversary of Revista Zipper. Teatrex El Bosque, Chacao, Caracas, Venezuela.
UNICEF race collaboration. Caracas, Venezuela.
Collaboration for the Fondeadora Ajúa calendar. Mexico.

O6 Store display intervention; Wizz Wear brand launch. C.C. Sambil, Caracas, Venezuela.
Intervention as a guest artist for the 100-year anniversary celebration of the Coca-Cola contour bottle. Restaurant Bucare. El Rosal, Caracas, Venezuela.
Space intervention for Chacao’s Youth Orchestra. Centro Cultural Chacao. Caracas, Venezuela.
1st guest artist for the design of the Cerveza Zulia Las Mercedes billboard. Caracas, Venezuela.
Space intervention for the Letras Venezolanas showcase at the Carlos Cruz-Diez Museum, SCTV guest (Typographic Creator Society of Venezuela). Caracas, Venezuela.

Miguel de Cervantes IVº Centenary Exhibit, Teresa Carreño Theater, Caracas, Venezuela.
Intervention at Academia de Danza Contemporánea (Contemporary Dance Academy) “Sombras Tribal”, Caracas, Venezuela.
Space intervention at Juliette Interiorismo, CDMX, Mexico.
Guest artist at the “LETRISMO” exhibit, Galería GURÚ, CDMX, Mexico.
Space intervention at Galería GURÚ, CDMX, Mexico.
Guest artist at Galería GAMA’s PlayFair, CDMX, Mexico.
Design Week collaboration with Fabrica Astilla, CDMX, Mexico.

LETTERS art exhibit, Galería Rojo Bermelo, CDMX, Mexico.
Street space intervention for Hidroarte, CDMX, Mexico.
Space intervention for Buster Duque, CDMX, Mexico.
Guest artist at Galería Gama’s PlayFair, CDMX, Mexico.
Space intervention at Central de Abastos with Central de Muros, CDMX, Mexico.
Space intervention, Celaya, Mexico.

“CONTEXTO” solo show, Galería Panteón, CDMX, Mexico.
Space intervention at Galería Panteón, CDMX, Mexico.
COTS 2018 participation, Queretaro, Mexico.
Wall of Fame 2018 participation, Xalapa, Mexico.

International event participation at Barrio Vivo 2018 by Museo del Juguete, CDMX, Mexico.

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