Born in Caracas the 14 of May of 1915. He studied with Rafael Monasterios and Cruz Alvarez García, in the Academy of Bellas Artes of Caracas. When returning of this one, in 1936, he was commissioner by the Ministry of National Education to study in technical Chile and pedagogic of the plastic arts. Between 1937 and 1938 it lived in Mexico, being interested here in the realism and the Technical murals. After exposing in Caracas in 1939, it made a short trip to the United States, where it would expose in 1947, returning in 1949 to make an individual exhibition in the Museum of Beautiful Arts, Between 1955 and 1956 it undertook the accomplishment of a mural in mosaic with a indigenista subject of Amalivaca in the Seat Diego Ibarra of Caracas. Also the Proceres made a mural for the Stroll, in 1973.

He is represented in the Museum of Bellas Artes. Individual Exhibitions:
Museum of Bellas Artes, 1939 and 1949
Gallery LI 1968

1935: Andrés Perez Mujica, Hall Arturo Michelena, Valencia
National Painting Prize and Prize Antonio Esteban Frías, Official Hall
1963: Popular prize and second Prize of the Planchart Hall.

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