Venezuelan Artists

Pedro Fermín - Sculpture

Painter and installation artist. In 1969 he studied at the School of Plastic Arts in Carúpano and, in 1972, he traveled to Caracas, where he enrolled in the free workshops of the Cristóbal Rojas School

Pedro León Carrillo - Oil painting

By the year 1972, is totally dedicated to painting, he joined the group "New Generation", promoted by Cecilio Alvarez Gallery Fine Arts where he participated in several group shows.

Pedro León Castro - Oil painting

Painter, son of the Spaniard Félix León Cruz and the Puerto Rican Magdalena Castro. Following his father's death, his family moved to Caracas in 1919, where an aunt of the painter lived. In 1930, he entered the School of Plastic Arts and Applied Arts and attended drawing classes at night.

Pedro León Zapata

(1929-2015) Venezuelan painter and graphic humorist. Relevant figure of graphic journalism in Venezuela; his extensive humanistic training led him to interpret through his illustrations diverse cultural and artistic manifestations (literature, politics, bullfighting...) of Spanish and Latin American culture

Próspero Martínez - Flowers: Oil painting

Próspero Martinez was born in Caracas the 28 of July of 1885. In 1904 one registered in the Academiade Bellas Artes de Caracas, where he was student of Emilio Mauri and Antonio Herrera Toro. In 1908 he received one of the three prizes of the Annual Aid of the Academy of Beautiful Arts.

Rafael Barrios Arias - Sculpture

Sculpture. From hes earlier manifestation, the work of Rafael Barrios characterizes itself by a fort connects with the aspects that define the most human dimension of our lives.

Rafael Martinez - Sculptures white patina

Painter and sculptor. He studied at the School of Visual Arts Rafael Monasteries Maracay and the School of Plastic Arts of Valencia Arturo Michelena (1958-1964).

Rafael Monasterios - Painting: nude female on bed

He was born in Barquisimeto (Edo. Lara) on 1884 and died in his hometown on, 1961. Félix Rafael Monasterios belonged to the so-called School of Caracas and was one of the main landscape designers who has had the Venezuelan plastic of the twentieth century.

Rafael Moreno Sylva - Abstract figuration

His voracious appetite for reading led to Sylva, from very young to enter the world of the ordinary, but unknown source that would later serve the many stories spinning radiated.

Rafael Ramón González - Landscape: Oil painting

He was born in Araure (Edo. Portuguesa) on November 24, 1894 and died in Caracas on November 18, 1975. He was a landscape painter and is considered the artist with the greatest social roots.

Ramón Chirinos - Oil painting

Painter. He was born in Churuguara, State falcon, in 1950. Between his main individual exhibitions they emphasize: Phoenix Gallery, New York(1991,93,96 and 98)...

Ramón Vásquez Brito - landscape: oil painting

He is born in Porlamar, Island of Margarita, Venezuela. Studied in the School of Plastic and Applied Arts of Caracas, Venezuela. Studied in the Superior School Ernesto of Corcova, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Professor of the School of Plastic Arts of Caracas.

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