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Venezuelan Artists

Luis Lizardo - Abstract painting

Born in Caracas on February 9, 1956. Between 1978 and 1980 performed graduate studies in painting at Saint Martin's School of Arts in London United Kingdom. From 1973 to 1976 performed by the Pre-degree Pure Art in the School of Visual Arts Christopher Rojas Caracas.

Luis Millé - Sculpture in red patina

If we look over Millé's career, we’ll notice that he is part of a new generation of Venezuelan artists, with pioneering influences including the likes of Jesús Rafael Soto or Carlos Cruz-Diez.

Venezuelan painter. He studied night courses at the Academy of Fine Arts (Academia de Bellas Artes, Venezuela). In 1938 he was the co-founder, alongside fellow artist Rafael Monasterios, of the School of Plastic Arts of Barquisimeto

Luisa Richter - Abstract painting

Born in 1928 in Besigheim, Germany. His artistic training was received in Germany and France. In 1955 he lived in Caracas.

Manuel Cabré - Painting: landscape of the streets of La Pastora

Painter. He was born in Barcelona Spain on January 25, 1890. Critics have agreed to point Manuel Cabré as one of the great masters of the Venezuelan landscape.

Manuel Quintana Castillo - Abstract painting

Born in Caucagua (State of Miranda) on January 6 of 1928. He has been influenced by the cubism, by Klee and Tamayo; he used a technique of transparency which he combined with the calligraphy drawings.

Marcos Castillo - Painting: Portrait

Painter. He was born in Caracas on April 3, 1897. He died in the same city on March 19, 1966. Castillo studied Cezanne's work. In the tradition of Rojas and Brandt, Castillo was interested in still life

Mario Abreu - Drawing

He studied at the School of Visual Arts and Applied Arts of Caracas and graduated from this center, participated in the activities of the Free Art Studio, founded in 1948.

Martín Tovar y Tovar - Portrait oil painting

Martín Tovar y Tovar born in Caracas the 10 of February of 1827. He died in the same city the 17 of December of 1902. Student of Carmelo Fernandez, in 1850 started off for Spain where he studied with Jose and Federico Madrazo.

Mateo Manaure - Painting: Abstract landscape

Mateo Manaure is an artist of firm and consistent passion for painting. His long career, his abstraction and lyrical recollection to always discover new and surprising findings in plastic expression, qualify him as one of the great Venezuelan creators.

Mauro Mejíaz - Painting

Son of an Italian father and Indian mother. At age 15 he moved to Valencia where he meets Braulio Salazar, who guides you through the early years of his artistic activity and encouraged to formalize their art studios.

Mercedes Pardo - Painting

She started a trajectory in the plastic arts from a very young age that included different techniques and diverse possibilities of abstract language, mainly in painting, watercolor, stained glass and collages, as well as her famous sets for theater and an abundant graphic work.

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