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Venezuelan Artists

Omar Carreño - Painting: geometric abstraction

He studied at the School of Visual Arts and Applied Arts of Caracas, and later participated in the Free Art Workshop. He lived in Europe, mainly in France, between 1950 and 1955. He was part of the Disidentes group.

Oscar Zañartu - Painting

Born in Caracas in 1960. He has had solo exhibitions in galleries Minotaur, Key and San Francisco in Venezuela. In Paris his work has been exhibited at the Cultural Center Tanagra, in the Cité Internationale des Arts exhibition in the galleries Arver De Mars and Space.

Oswaldo Vigas - Painting

Born on August 4, 1926 in Valencia, Venezuela. Between 1942 and 1951 he made his first individual exhibitions and won his first rewards. It is part of the Free Art Workshop of Caracas and frequents the Cristóbal Rojas School of Plastic Arts. He won the Lastenia Tello prize from Michelena in the XVIII Arturo Michelena Hall….

Pablo Benavides - Painting: Landscaping

Born in Caracas on January 8, 1914. From 1941 to 1946 he studied at the School of Applied Plastic Arts in Caracas. Pablo Benavides is usually classified, without any reason for it, as a painter of the so-called school of Caracas.

Pancho Quilici - Oil painting

He was born in Caracas on April 16, 1954 . In his early works emphasized his virtuosity as a draftsman , then go integrating oil and acrylic painting , watercolor painting and engraving, architectures , real or imagined has been the central theme of his work .

Pascual Navarro - Oil painting

Painter, son of Henry Navarro and Cruz Velasquez. He studien at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Caracas. In 1945, after completing his academic studies, along with living in Macuto Reveron.

Pedro Angel González - Painting: landscape of cerro el Avila

As a painter, Pedro Angel González is devoted to landscape from the beginning under the influence of Antonio Edmundo Monsanto. As a graphic he was also among the first to disseminate the techniques of metal engraving.

The formal language of this sculptor is a synthesis between the constructive and the expressive, given through the form, color and material to which Briceño has come through a process of simplification of the form, of the game between geometric rigor and the informal gesture

Pedro Centeno Vallenilla - Drawing

He was born in Barcelona, Anzoategui - Venezuela in 1904. His work is close to Renacentistic forms with an american symbolism where the racial and mith expressed through escultoric figures of idealized men and women naked bodies

Pedro Fermín - Sculpture

Painter and installation artist. In 1969 he studied at the School of Plastic Arts in Carúpano and, in 1972, he traveled to Caracas, where he enrolled in the free workshops of the Cristóbal Rojas School

Pedro León Carrillo - Oil painting

By the year 1972, is totally dedicated to painting, he joined the group "New Generation", promoted by Cecilio Alvarez Gallery Fine Arts where he participated in several group shows.

Pedro León Castro - Oil painting

Painter, son of the Spaniard Félix León Cruz and the Puerto Rican Magdalena Castro. Following his father's death, his family moved to Caracas in 1919, where an aunt of the painter lived. In 1930, he entered the School of Plastic Arts and Applied Arts and attended drawing classes at night.

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