Venezuelan Artists

Carmelo Niño - Painting

Painter. Son of the musician José Niño. He started studies at the Neptalí Rincón de Maracaibo School of Plastic Arts. He obtained a state scholarship at the San Fernando Academy. During that time he participated in free workshops and came into contact with classics that have marked his production.

César Rengifo - (untitled)

César Rengifo (1915-1980) stands as a cornerstone of Venezuelan art. His artistic legacy extends beyond powerful social realist paintings...

Darío Pérez-Flores - kinetic art

Painter born in 1936 in Valera (Venezuela). His body of work covers a lifetime of studies on optical and kinetic reverberation, a visual effect that occurs when the viewer moves beyond work.

Diego Barboza - Painting

Painter. Born in Maracaibo, Zulia State, in February 1945. The cake seems to be the ideal material for his works, since the artist applies the pigments with an unusual intensity to the technique, giving the painting a velvety and blurred quality

Édgar Guinand - Sculpture

Sculptor. He was a student of Eduardo Gregorio and Carlos Cruz-Diez. Guinand starts his sculptural work with clay; later experimenting with stone and wood, influenced by Barbara Hepworth.

Elsa Morales - Painting

Elsa Morales becomes a vanguard in popular art because she has constantly developed new proposals that range from her first works, in which she invented a kind of narrative pop-art. Her prolific creations also include three-dimensional works, such as huge dolls, murals, polychrome boxes, showcases and assemblies.

Emerio Dario Lunar: Couple oil painting

He was born on January 27, 1940 in Cabimas, Zulia state. Self-taught He begins his career as a painter while engaged in the commercial art and without prior instruction, followed by postcards, stickers and photos, running his first works.

Emilio Boggio - Painting

He was born in Caracas in 1857 and died in 1920. Emilio Boggio studied painting in Paris. He began to exhibit his work in the hall French Artists and was an important member of the Hall Autumn of Paris.

Ender Cepeda - Figurative painting

Born in Zulia of such a unique geography, the painter stamps in the canvas personal mythologies and collective memories, where fiction and reality interplay.

Enrico Armas Ponce - Horse bronze sculpture

Sculptor and painter. Son of writer Alfredo Armas Alfonzo, National Literature Prize 1969, and Aida Armas (esmaltista). He begins his activity as a sculptor in 1973, at age 16.

Esteban Villaparedes: Two women oil painting

His work reveals a marked interest in the human figure, although within an imaginative tendency characterized by the use of a vivid, harmonious and sensual color, of atmospheric effects and that, in the manner of Poleo and Trompiz.

Federico Brandt - Painting: still life with flowers

Born in Caracas, in May 17, 1878; died in this same City in July 25, 1932. Studied at the Hamburg institute of commerce and at the Academia de Bellas Artes of Caracas. Was a pupil of Arturo Michelena, in 1896.

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